IGATEX Booth No. 1-114

Huzur Machine is a member company of Huzur Group and is the largest producer of fancy yarn machines in Turkey. Huzur Machine has a good reputation in domestic market thanks to more than 2500 machines working and the company carries this reputation to the international markets and exports the machines especially to the Middle East countries.


· HZR-96 with rotary blade chenille machine.
· HZR-120 with rotary blade chenille machine.
· HZR-10 Chenille cutting
· HZR-20 Chenille cutting
· REGAFIL Fancy Yarn Machine
· MB-03 Soft Winding machine

REGAFIL Fancy Yarn Machine

It runs with the system of pierced spindle ringed spindle. Fancy yarn can be produced from yarn and fibre. 7 motors are digitally controlled. Production shaft, locking shaft, fibre shaft and the shafts that carry ground yarns can be adjusted with 8 varied times and 8 varied speeds in order to produce yarns such as nope, shantique and flam. Vacuum canal is standard. Pierced and ringed spindles are rotated with tangential belt. Every spindle has a detacher system. Pierced spindle runs with standard spool max. 17.000 rpm and with special huge spool max. 13.500 rpm.

Ali Yilmaz from Huzur Makina

Source : ptj.com.pk