Company Profile

Huzur Machine was established in 1996 in order to produce Textile machinery production. During the years of establishment, inspections were conducted on the yarns which were not manufactured in Turkey and a production strategy was adopted. Thus, Huzur Machine has been the first firm to produce Chenille Machinery in Turkey.

Thanks to excellent performance of the machinery, Huzur Machine has been the leader of the sector with its capacity of over 100.000 spindles operating in the local and international markets.

Huzur Machine proved its quality to the entrepreneur textile manufacturers by participating in the international exhibitions and the exhibitions organized in Turkey as of 1996. Today our machinery satisfy the textile manufacturers who aim to make production in accordance with the world standards in many countries especially in Italy, the Middle East, Far East, North Africa and South America regions.

The company continues machine production in Hadımkoy, Istanbul factory of 8000 sqm which has a closed area of 6000 sqm. In this production complex, a special staff composed of mechanical engineers, technicians and specialist work to develop new technologies in fancy yarn production.

In addition to meet the increasing demands and advance its production capacity, in order to accelerate export process and to provide tax advantages to customers we start to production in the second factory of 4000 spm which has a closed area 3000 sqm at European Free Trade Zone since 2004.

Huzur Machine uses the latest technology CNC looms to manufacture precision parts of its high speed fancy yarn machinery. CNC line which is supported with new computer technologies is composed of three parts including 28 looms.

The world fancy yarn is a quite different world providing new opportunities to the entrepreneur textile manufacturers enabling them to produce various types of yarns. With this concern, Huzur Machine develops new projects in order to provide new opportunities to the textile sector with Huzur brand.